Message from Coach Roll

Posted by LANCER FOOTBALL on May 06 2016 at 10:24AM PDT


The end of the school year is coming fast. That thought is scary for many, but for football coaches and players its very exciting. We have all been waiting many months to have the opportunity to get back on the football field. That time is approaching. A month from Monday everything begins again for the 2016 season. Here are some important things:

1. We must get everyone registered for summer camp. Please reach out to me for Varsity, Jon Busch for sophomores, or Mike Bundalo for Freshmen if there is an issue paying, we will figure something out. Please use this link to register:

2. The Gear Shop opens back up tomorrow. The company that we used was bought out. The product is the same and so is the pricing. It just looks different. The shop will open until Thursday 5/12 at midnight. For varsity and sophomore they are required to purchase the BLUE t-shirt that says We Are One and the gray shorts next to it. We need that for competitions this summer. Freshmen have no required gear. Please see the attached flyer.

3. In order to be eligible for next season students must pass 5 classes at the end of this semester. If they go to summer school they will become eligible again but miss a lot of football, and rightfully so. So make sure you understand that this will affect them. It would be best if their grades get up now!

4. For the Spring athletes competing I congratulate them, for those consistently lifting with us I am proud of them, for those inconsistently making workouts I am looking for them to improve, and for those doing nothing I am concerned for them. This will be a very difficult summer.

This is going to be a special football season. Stay tuned for our next parent planning meeting at the beginning of the summer.

Coach Roll

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