Message From Coach Roll

Posted by LANCER FOOTBALL on Feb 02 2016 at 11:10AM PST

I hope winter is treating all of you fine. It has been a pleasure the past months watching all of your sons play basketball, wrestle, start getting ready for track, and work out after school with the football coaches. I have not gotten to see the swimmers or the hockey players but I know they have been working. For those that have been doing nothing, we will talk about that later. (But to give you a quick message-that doesn’t work in our program. Those kids fall to the side and fail.) As winter sports come to an end and spring sports approaches it is always time for our FIRST FOOTBALL MEETING OF THE YEAR. The past years we have held a State of the Program Report for all parents and/or players that are playing next year. It’s time to update everyone on additional coaches, off season news, the opening of NEW Gear Shops, communication updates, and most importantly a SUMMER CALENDAR!! Access to our auditorium at LP is very difficult, especially trying to avoid nights that have basketball games and wrestling matches. Nearly impossible. So we have a picked a date and location:

WHEN: Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

WHERE: EAST CAMPUS Auditorium (West Campus is too busy to book)

WHAT TIME: The meeting will start at 7pm and should last about 45-60 minutes (including questions and time afterwards to talk to coaches)

WHY: To get together with our football family, talk about the summer/next season, and provide needed information.

If you are busy or the boys are busy send whoever can make it. If you know of people at Lake Park that will be coming out for football for the first time, please invite them to this meeting. If your son is an incoming freshman we have a limited list of emails provided by the youth football programs. PLEASE let anyone and everyone know about this meeting – even if they are not yet sure about football. It is an outstanding night to see what our program is about. 2016 will be a special season and this will be the first evening we get to talk about this. Look forward to seeing everyone that can make it. Please respond with any questions. Also, continue to follow us by joining our email site at If you join the site you will get all football updates. You can also follow the program @LPLFBR and myself @LPCoachRoll on TWITTER. Thank you!